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Integrated Smart Home Features, Surrounding Savyavasa

Embedded inside Savyavasa is a smarthome concept, supported by the seamless integration of technology, experience and know-how.


  • Personalise and set ideal temperature for ultimate comfort, even when residents are not at home.
  • Open and close curtains remotely, and personalised the settings.
  • Set temperature and manage cooking settings on smart kitchen appliances.
  • Unlock the door with the app from anywhere in the world.
  • Control lighting and scene preferences via the app.
  • Connect with sensors to track the air quality.
  • Voice activated technology allows residents to activate smart appliances through voice command.
  • Remotely control your home in realtime across your smart devices such as your air conditioner to prepare for your arrival at home with accessibility at comfort.
  • Personalise your smart home with settings and preferences saved to your profile for one room or the entire house, only for you and your loved ones.


  • Arrive home effortlessly with integrated license plate recognition system in the car park barrier system.
  • Interact with visitor through video on the app & grant access remotely.
  • Conveniently book facilities and check bookings on mobile.
  • Receive parcels when residents are away from home. Receive notification and unlock the parcel box via the app.
  • Send a personalised e-invitation or an instant QR pass for your visitors with utmost convenience and security.e-invitation to grant access to visitors for unparalleled convenience.

SMART lifestyle

  • A list of lifestyle services from third-party lifestyle providers will be integrated into the lifestyle section within the app.


  • Savyavasa is the first Artificial Intelligence home in Indonesia, with seamless control, convenient facility booking, and secure visitor access grants using easy messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.