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Discover your dream home immersed in greenery in Jakarta’s most coveted neighbourhood

Find your dream home at Savyavasa, a verdant sanctuary in Dharmawangsa, Jakarta’s most sought-after neighbourhood

Picture a leisurely stroll surrounded by the sights of lush greenery, coupled with the calming sounds of water lapping nearby. These, and more, can become your reality at Savyavasa, a luxury residential property in Jakarta, Indonesia that is set to become a dream-home destination for urbanites who appreciate the finer things in life.

Standing tall among mature natural woodlands, Savyavasa is located in South Jakarta’s posh Dharmawangsa neighbourhood, a coveted residential area where luxury, sophistication and tranquillity converge. Situated in close proximity to prestigious international schools and award-winning shopping and dining destinations, the development also offers convenient access to the finest healthcare facilities available.

With the easing of real estate regulations last year to encourage foreign ownership of Indonesian properties, it’s just the right time for prospective buyers to cast their eye on prized developments in the capital city.

Jointly developed by Indonesia’s JSI Group and Hong Kong’s Swire Properties, Savyavasa comprises three towers on a sprawling site that spans over three hectares. It is the first, and so far, the only high-rise residential development in Jakarta built to meet the Green Mark Gold standard to create an enviable living environment that coexists with nature.

Its sustainable architectural design is the result of an inspiring collaboration between leading talents and consultants from around the globe, which include acclaimed Asian studios such as Bali-based landscape design firm Intaran Design and Singapore-based SCDA Architects, as well as award-winning international design practices Yabu Pushelberg and Richardson Sadeki.

Taking loose inspiration from the Dutch-influenced heritage buildings in the neighbourhood, SCDA Architects came up with an elegant architectural plan that blends the cross-ventilated design of such historical structures with modern elements. Architectural fins on the facade create a distinctive look while reducing heat gain within the residential towers.

Dubbed Tower I, the primary tower is constructed with an elegant interlocking system that results in double-height living and dining areas, creating lofty and airy spaces with plentiful daylight. Extensive balconies connect the open-plan living room to the bedrooms, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces while maximising views of the skyline and the surrounding greenery. These architecturally stunning towers are envisioned as “sculptures in the park”-the high-rise structures are surrounded by landscaped gardens teeming with life.

Realised by Intaran Design, the property’s bio-diverse environment takes inspiration from tropical resorts, featuring local flora and over 300 trees, including replanted ones, set next to soothing water features.

Beyond the flourishing foliage, Savyavasa realises its green credentials through features such as the installation of water recycling and compost processing facilities, and smart sensors to track air quality throughout the compound. Soil-moisture sensors also ensure that the plant life is in tip-top condition, creating a choice environment that truly celebrates the beauty of nature.

Furthermore, the property’s well-equipped facilities encourage residents to relish the comforts of home; these include three swimming pools, a Turkish-style hammam, a tennis court, gyms, barbecue pits and a playground. An indoor kids' care area also offers rain-or-shine entertainment options for the little ones.

Topping it off is the property’s winding 1km jogging track, a rare feature in the megacity. Pet owners can also rejoice in the development’s pet-friendly apartments and public spaces. Facility bookings can also be made with ease via mobile phone, and are accompanied by a hotel-worthy concierge service that offers assistance and support wherever needed.

Upon stepping inside the high-rise residences, visitors and residents can expect to be further impressed by an interior design concept by Yabu Pushelberg that brings nature into the luxurious homes. The New York- and Toronto-based interior design studio took a cue from nature and Indonesian craft traditions to create spaces with a warm and inviting ambience for the amenities and apartments in Tower I.

Echoing the natural hues of the green outdoor views, tone-on-tone finishes stand in contrast to the opulence of the marble and millwork applied to the interior. To grace the lounge and other public areas with a local touch, the soft furnishings are upholstered in custom fabrics crafted by Indonesian artisans.

In Towers II and III, the multinational design practice Richardson Sadeki put together interiors that blend contemporary design with Indonesian cultural references. The translucent screens that section common spaces are adorned with the Batik Kawung motif, a geometric design that symbolises the harmonious balance of earth, fire, water and air while representing purity and honesty.

In all three towers, residents can personalise lighting and temperature settings remotely via their smartphone for each space, from the living area to the bedrooms. From drawing the curtains to setting the right lighting, each sanctuary can be primed to fit the occasion, whether to receive guests or provide a peaceful environment to return to after a long vacation.

The construction of Savyavasa’s three towers is undertaken by the internationally reputable Taisei- CSC contractor. How’s that for a sound investment in the most wanted neighbourhood in the world’s largest archipelago nation?