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#LiveWellwithYourPets: Savyavasa and Petskita Unveil A Luxurious & Pet-Friendly Living Space

In a bustling city where pet-friendly living spaces are a rarity, Savyavasa and Petskita emerge as beacons of opulence and inclusivity. Nestled in Jakarta's esteemed Dharmawangsa neighborhood, Savyavasa stands tall as a testament to sophisticated living, offering contemporary spaces designed not just for humans, but for their beloved pets as well.

Recent data from Euromonitor International paints a vivid picture of Indonesia's pet population, which has nearly doubled from 2.83 million in 2018 to 5.5 million in 2022. With approximately 67% of Indonesian families embracing pet ownership, the nation has solidified its position as Southeast Asia's second-largest pet food market. Moreover, projections indicate exponential growth in the Indonesian pet care market, with estimates surpassing $5.8 billion by 2033.

Drh. Muhamad Jami Ramadhan, a prominent voice in veterinary care, underscores the importance of maintaining a balance between the happiness and health of pets. From tailored diets to regular vet check-ups, the journey towards pet wellbeing demands meticulous care and attention. Savyavasa rises to this challenge, offering a refined yet welcoming environment that prioritizes both human comfort and pet-friendly amenities.

Bram Van Hoof, Director of JSI Group, expresses pride in introducing #LiveWellwithYourPets – a campaign that epitomizes the shared values of excellence, innovation, and inclusivity. This collaborative endeavour with Petskita underscores a commitment to creating a holistic environment where every family member, including beloved pets, is considered with utmost care.

Savyavasa offers an exceptional living space for pet parents and their furry companions, featuring a nature-enveloped one-kilometer jogging trail – an ideal setting for leisurely strolls and playful interactions. Beyond the lush greenery, advanced features such as Smart Air Filters and Air Quality Sensors ensure a pristine indoor environment conducive to pet wellbeing.

Collaborating with Savyavasa to launch this campaign is Petskita, an end-to-end community-based pet ecosystem. Through the campaign, Savyavasa and Petskita believe that care, togetherness, and positive interactions between humans and pets are the primary keys to achieving a balanced and quality life between humans and their pets.

Joining forces with Savyavasa is Petskita, an end-to-end community-based pet ecosystem dedicated to supporting pet parents in raising healthier, happier furry kids. Together, they set a new standard in residential living, where luxury and pet-friendliness intertwine seamlessly. Together, they redefine residential living, seamlessly intertwining luxury with a welcoming environment for pets.

Gunawan Wahab, Co-Founder & CEO of Petskita, emphasizes the transformative potential of this collaboration, stating, "With Savyavasa, we set a new standard in residential living, where luxury and pet friendliness coexist seamlessly."

The #LiveWellwithYourPets campaign invites pet parents to prioritize pet wellbeing through a series of exclusive offline events, including pet fashion shows, charity fundraisers, and wellness events. Through these initiatives, Savyavasa and Petskita aim to foster a community of care, togetherness, and positive interactions between humans and their pets.

In a world where opulent living and pet-friendly amenities converge, Savyavasa stands as a testament to the realization of a dream – where every moment is an affirmation of the cherished bond between humans and their beloved pets. Join us in embracing this vision and let's #LiveWellwithYourPets, exclusively at Savyavasa.